Planting a Church is one of the most difficult and fulfilling callings God can give you as a Pastor. At Church Planters, our vision is to ensure that you do not serve this calling alone. We provide quality content, coaching and most importantly community that will not only help you grow but help you sustain that growth and plant what matters.



Pastor Steven Furtick

Founder and Lead Pastor / Elevation Church / Charlotte, North Carolina

Pastor Steven asks transformative questions and asserts incredible insight for future and current church planters. Pastor Steven explains how asking one question can make the difference in solving future potential problems a new church plant can face. Reading from Mark 4:26-29, Pastor Steven shares four concepts that are paramount to a church plant’s future growth and survival.


Jim Sheppard

CEO & Principal of Generis

Research shows that a solid financial foundation increases the likelihood of a start-up church’s survival. It is the single most important factor to the early success of a church plant. Leaning into his expertise, Sheppard provides tangible and proven tactics to imbed a culture of giving and generosity from the ground up that will give a church a secure financial infrastructure.


Chris Emmitt

Lead Pastor / Mountain Lake Church / Cumming, Georgia

With brevity, Emmitt focuses on Matthew 28:16-20 to examine the root of God’s call on every pastor’s life. He offers encouragement to church planters as they execute the vision and gifts God gave them to go and make disciples of all the nations.


Jenni Catron

Catron sets the foundation for equipping church planters, executive pastors, and other leaders to lead from their extraordinary best. With the Great Commandment as the framework, Catron inspires others to recognize the sacredness of shaping human lives through leadership and explains why extraordinary leadership requires all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


William Vanderbloemen

President / Vanderbloemen Search Group

Vanderbloemen asks and answers the question many church leaders voice in our ever-changing society: “How do you hold a church together when people aren’t coming as frequently?” His answer? Make culture clear. Vanderbloemen lays out 9 tactics they employ that helped establish Vanderbloemen Search Group as the #1 company culture of any small business in the US as named by Entrepreneurial Magazine.


Jud Wilhite

Central Christian Church / Las Vegas, Nevada

Whilhite provides valuable insight into what he claims to be the most vital biblical leadership principle: “If you love and serve your people, they will love you.” With over 20 years of practice implementing this principle, he offers church leaders practical and applicable ideas on how to love and serve your church as a family, an organization, and a mission—all within a biblical context.


Shawn Lovejoy

Directional Leader of Courage to Lead

As a church planter, the most important thing God will ever entrust to you is His vision for your life and for your ministry. Lovejoy explains why God’s specific vision for you calls for a sacred stewardship. With scriptural support, Lovejoy unpacks three ways church leaders can preserve and protect the vision.


Wade Burnett

Wade Burnett an expert when it comes to the multisite church model, addresses the tension when faced with deciding between planting churches or going multisite. He brings great insight and challenges us to ask a completely different question all together when it comes to a planting/multisite strategy.


Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker blogger, artist, worship leader, and social media personality takes us back to the days of Jesus and shows us why creating moments in our services are so important to engaging our culture. His passion and love for engaging people in a unique way will inspire you to think differently about your service programming.


Pete Scazzero

Church Planter and Pastor / New Life Fellowship Church / Queens, New York

While what you do matters, who you are matters even more. By honestly and transparently telling part of his church-plant story, Scazzero imparts the wisdom he gained in identifying the four core life issues church planters must get deeply in order from the beginning. By focusing on these four pillars—face your shadows, lead out of your marriage or singleness, slow down for a loving union, practice the Sabbath—you can change your trajectory.


Robert Emmitt

Pastor Emeritus / Community Bible Church / San Antonio, Texas

Emmitt looks no further than Jesus as the model church planter. By digging into Matthew 4, Emmitt shows how Jesus provides the cornerstone for planting a church and growing a ministry. If church planters follow these foundational truths, then they can expect their ministry to grow as Jesus’ did. Emmitt stresses that church growth is not the goal. Church growth is the by-product of effective ministry.


Ed Stetzer

Stetzer shares three of the secrets he learned in his 30 years of church planting. He unpacks secrets on evangelism, the root of failure, and the proper perspective on church planting conferences. By doing so, Stetzer equips church planters to plant the gospel through evangelism that leads to disciple making that leads to congregational formation—all while not burning out in the process.


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