5 Choices That Will Make Your Book a Reality

Recently I sat with my editor and made my own commitment to take that next step in getting my own book published this year. While it is easy to feel that I lack the time, the money and the direction to really get it done, it’s time to do something to lock myself in to finishing my book this year. There is a saying that Ideas and Books in your head help no one. I want my book to be born and live outside of my head.
                   Here are five things I am choosing to do now to make sure that I finish my book this year. 
1.    Write! For writers, true inspiration comes while they are writing, not while they are waiting to write! Writing opens the floodgates of inspiration.
2.     Set Deadlines! When do you want to start? When do you want to finish? Mark your calendar up and then put it up. Put it up where you can see it!
3.     Start Saying No! What things are you saying “yes” to that will never get you closer to your dream of becoming a published author?
4.     Picture your book in your hands! A book in your hand is so much better than a dream in your head. You need to get a vision of the cover, the title, the dedication you will write, the endorsement you will get and your name at the bottom of it. Seeing the finished product is really the first step of beginning it.
5.     Make a real commitment! Hire an editor, purchase a computer or invest the money to get your book published. Making a financial commitment on the front end will keep you committed to your dream like nothing else will. 
I encourage you to make your own commitment today. I have heard so many authors say that one of the most incredible feelings in life is holding their book in their hand and hearing from those who were blessed by it. While I can really only imagine it, I am going to see it happen and so can you. Let’s do this together this year!Blessings,
Don Newman
Director of Acquisitions
Xulon Press, a Salem Communication Company 

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