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Velocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity ConferenceVelocity Conference


Our culture puts emphasis on speed. Speed is daring and exciting. Often as the Church we fall into the trap of needing to run faster and faster. We believe the faster we accelerate the more impact we will have. Often we have a different kind of impact as we hit the wall head-on.

We can also move too slowly. This can happen when our leadership lacks a clear vision and are paralyzed by the complexity of decisions before them. We don’t hit the wall. We simply never get to the wall.

Velocity is about a different kind of speed. It is about keeping PACE with the Holy Spirit. Jesus invites us into a new world. This world is His Kingdom. There are times when we must speed up. There are times that we must slow down. This is the Velocity that we embrace.


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When it comes to sex, there are so many things we think about, but often don’t say. I call them bedroom confessions. Each confession is an admission to the very real tensions in our various relationships. These tensions affect and are related to our sex lives, but they don’t stop there. They affect every corner […]

9 Ways to Engage More People this Easter

As we prepare to celebrate Easter this weekend and welcome visitors through our doors, here are a few thoughts on little things you can do that will engage new people. Prepare the way with prayer: This may seem obvious, but it is easy to get caught up in the planning and preparation that we don’t stop […]

Do you have a plan to Finance the Mission?

We don’t go into ministry to be a fundraiser. We go into ministry to see lives changed for Jesus, right? We all recognize that financing the mission is necessary. So we pray. Certainly, prayer is a significant part of financing the mission, but just hoping and praying that everyone will give generously, or that God […]

Getting The Right People in the Right Seats

Building a great team is not easy. It is easy to hire a staff but hard to build a team. But if Jesus’ first focus was on building a killer Dream Team, shouldn’t that be the focus of our ministry? Learning to select the RIGHT team members is just the starting point. Selecting the right team members […]

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